Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blast Off Watermelon Pops

Now that it's full on oh-my-god-where-is-the-closet-pool Summertime, I find that all I want to eat is fruit. And, I've found that the best vehicle to get fruit into my mouth is, in fact, a rocket ship.

I have been looking at a lot of frozen treats, from grocery store sorbet to gourmet shaved ice, and I've basically decided that popsicles are just tops. Aces, really. You can eat them after dinner, instead of breakfast, in lieu of a cold shower, etc. And they are disturbingly simple to make (disturbing!). Really, you can use any juice and any fruit and maybe some yogurt if you're fancy. This particular recipe jumped out at me (from an ad in May's Gourmet magazine) because all it required was three ingredients. Furthermore, it pretty much calls for you to decide how much of each to use and make it all “to taste.”

The idea got lodged in my head, and the next morning I marched to the grocery store and made them ASAP. I think the whole “working” part of the project took all of 15 minutes, and, if I had a food processor, would have taken much less. Bottom line: It's summer, people. Let's get freezing.

Blast Off Watermelon Pops

Makes 6

The trick is to add more sugar and lemon than you think you need because watermelon has such a delicate flavor. I suspect that if you only froze watermelon it would be rather bland, but you could try!


Lemon Juice

Cut up watermelon and blend in a food processor, or mash up by hand/in your standing mixer with the whisk. Press watermelon bits through a fine mesh sieve. Add lemon juice and sugar to taste. Pour into molds, and add more chunks of watermelon is desired. Freeze at least 6 hours or over night.

Adapted from an ad in Gourmet Magazine.

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